Merry Christmas and happy New Years guys !

Merry Christmas and happy New Years guys ! Busy making new batch of PTW 416V2 these days. Will bring it to you by next week! We thank you so much for your suppor in this final moment of 2016. We wish all you healthy and happiness in 2017! We'll bring you more awesome badass new product in the incoming New Years! #xmas #holiday #hao #ptw #416 #systema

Taiwanese online shopping site

台灣首家HAO線上賣場上線啦~~~~~~!! 台灣玩家可以向我們直接購買,或洽各地生存遊戲店和合作夥伴們,這裡就是我們的大。平。台。! >_0b Find your local dealer here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We just launch our e-commerce site for our Taiwanese fellow!

HAO SFCT556 on RS AR15

The HAO SFCT556 on RS AR15 from the States. How socom are these? Both 14mmCCW & 1/2-28RH available The OMG is this that so hard to find Flash hider?!

The SPQR Stock for PTW

The SPQR Stock for PTW , no need for modification , plug in and shoot! Thanks for your supporting , We won't let our PTW operators down. :) Someone asks me about why name it SPQR ? the answer is quite simple, is the ROME republic(Senātus Populusque Rōmānus) The Roman Senate and People. Long story short ,I was playing Total War II: Rome last year and impressed by the Roman legionnaire with their famous pilum (Similar like javelin) so i asked my RD to draw something it could match our BD556 set with the shape of the pilum and with gladius (maybe later ). In the end we rounded the wooden square part and combined with the spear knob and remain the body of steel in order to match the current 5

HK416 Quad rail level up!

Have you ever wondered why is your 416 looks a bit of weird but you can't actually tell why? Maybe it's because of that hex screw of the Rail. HAO made the RS spec 416D Quad Rail scew for you. Not the MR556/223. Update your 416 with real deal!


Meanwhile in Taiwan. O KURWA its the second batch of the pony!

A2 flash hider

New release !! The HAO's A2 is your best choice for the military style setup. And it's previous version which are standard equipped in RS HK416 and HAO 416V2 kit: The Full birdcage compensator will release soon.

body skin scrub

I just recall my pleasant body skin scrub treatment in Bali. Wait what? You want full body massage for your HK416 kit before shipped? GO FUCK OFF YOURSELF!

What box is this?

A new box appear on my desk in the office today. I wonder what it might be. So many product that I've never seen on it. Will that be HAO's future products ? Ahhh. It's HAO's new light weight stock system packing inside!

HAO new stock

The one true Light Weight Stock which you don't need to modify it to make cable through with your PTW hands. Long may she reign!

SMR's screw

To some who have accidentally lost their screw of HAO SMR. Here is the reparation pack for you guys. SMR ROCK!

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