At last, we'v finally lunched the price-friendly 416D kit for our PTW beginners; THE 416V2 LITE. You got the same quality and more choice on your hands.


In this version; we remove some HAO’s delicate accessories and laser marking in order to keep the price drop such like trigger guard, dust cover, HK style ambi selectors, HK Stainless steel buffer stopper and our gundrilled steel 10.4" barrel and we only have one same S/N number and no Matrix code both upper and lower on our LITE version compared to the full 416V2 version.


But still, the quality and material are the same; all receivers and barrels are aero-level precisely machined from A7075-T6 billet by the mighty DMG MORI CNC milling/turning centers.


And you will find the significant difference from our competitors which we’re the only one who can provide the homemade quad rail which is also precisely drilled,welded by CNC machine with all correct dimension and the screw, instead of Airsoft replica.


Furthermore unlike our competitors our barrel nut and length of chamber are exact same as RS which could allow you to install the RS handguard directly.


Finishing with hard anodizing with special treatment which indeed make our 416V2 kit like buying a luxury car from Germany.


The HAO’s 416V2 LITE kit , the first and the best kit for your PTW HK416D build.



*Alloy 10.4” & 4” barrel thread is end with metric 14mmCCW.*

416(D)V2 LITE Conversion kit for PTW

  • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Upper
  • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Lower
  • 4140 Steel gas block & gas tube
  • CNC lathed, Aluminum 10.4"barrel and 4" extension (14mmCCW)
  • CNC lathed Steel barrel nut
  • CNC drilled Handguard (Standard quad rail 10.5")
  • CNC lathed  Decoration pins
  • CNC lathed  Steel Flash hider knobs
  • CNC lathed Steel Assist knob
  • CNC lathed, drilled Takedown pins