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This tool pack is to help you to convert your pre-2021 HAO PTW receiver to use the Infinity gear box.


It inclde :

1. HAO RS spec pistol grip adapter.

2. HAO 416 receiver adaptor ring for Infinity selector.

3. HAO PTW Infinity selector reinforced super connector

4. HAO AR15/M4 receiver use hand reamer

5. Hand reamer wrench 


The HAO 416 receiver user need only simply put the adapter ring into the right side selector hole and push it even.


The HAO AR15/M4 user will need to enlarge a bit of the right side selector hole with the hand reamer we provide .


There's a minor difference between Kumi value kit's gearbox and the Infinity gear box. With the ring and the reamer. TheInfinity selector can work smoother. 


The right side safety selector of the PTW Infinity kits doesn't function well due to the selector connector can not take the torque .HAO's reinforced super connector can hold the torque better and make the right side selector work now.Please also replace the spring in the left side selector's locator for better operation

HAO's PTW kumi receiver to Infinity converter pack

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