The most simplest receiver but also the hardest , classic receiver. HAO present you the Colt's M4A1 receiver set for PTW.
When the high precision CNC machine centre meet A7075-T6 alloy billet is not enough anymore for our PTW user, then is the time for our mighty hydraulic pressing machine with the pony stamp on it.

We just can't only provide you the highest standard product but also the masterpiece of the milsim industrial.


We now have our HAO gen II M4 receiver. It have the later era profile of M4. Enjoy!


USGI Colt's M4A1 genI/II set for PTW

  • -CNC milled receivers from alloy 7075-T6 billet with stamping mark
  • -Dust cover
  • -Fake pins
  • -Bolt catch pin
  • -Steel takedown pins
  • -Assist knob