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Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, We do ship internationally. But please check your country's custom rule before placing the order. We are not responsible if your package is seized by your nation's custom.


How long does shipping take? 

 Small package:

 7 days in Asia

14-30 days to America, UK.

14-30 days to EU
EMS takes about 7-14 days to ship worldwide.

​(Unstable under COVID era now )

Will I be charged for taxes?

No, there won't be taxes charged on our website.

Please be noted the import tax rule according to your local customs regulations.

Where can I see my tracking number?

The system will send you the shipping confirmation email with the tracking information to your email which is registered on our website once we processed your order. Be noted that you might not use the same email that you normally use here. Do check the registration email you use to shop here.

Why my tracking info didn't update since the package arrived in my country?

The Airmail package (RA/RG type ) is economic shipping. It only updates when there are issues such as customs inspection happened. Please feel safe if it only shows it arrived in your country. If it still has not arrived after 30 days after landing, it might get returned. Please contact us for further help.


What is your returns policy? 

All products are inspected before dispatch, we only accept product defects.


Do you refund?

We will refund your money after we kindly receive your return.

Still got questions? Contact us>


What forms of payments do you accept? 

Paypal is the only option so far.


What are your warranty terms & conditions?

Our products are guaranteed fully functional in normal weather conditions. Full refund if malfunction happened.

Term Of Use:
All the products are made and designed for Airsoft use. Any modification of structure, exterior, appearance, or painting, marking, or wiping the cover/instruction on the merchandise may lead to violating your nation's law regulation. Customers shall bear the full legal liability after the modification.





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