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HAO's full CNC'd 6061-T6 charging handle for PTW spec user. 

With the Milspec hardcoat , you won't get any scratch on your handles. 

And most important; This is recoil compatible one with HAO's latest design: "Recoil System"  

We revised the design of the charging handle to make it to be able to perform the act of cocking the charging handle.

This function brings some fun to the PTW platform but please be noted that this charging handle doesn't allow you to pull out the cylinder like the standard AR charging handle.

Charging Handle for M4A1/AR15-Single

    • 5 Axis CNC'd made 
    • Alloy T6061-T6 
    • Milspec Type III hardcoat 
    • Charging handle recoil system compaitble 
  • Term Of Use:
    All the products are made and design for Airsoft use. Any modification of structure, exterior, appearance or painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction on the merchandise may lead to violate your nation's law regulation. Customers shall bear the full legal liability after the modification.

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