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Stainless Steel 303 constructed by CNC turning machine, you will have the maximum air pressure via extended nozzle head.

Warning: M90-M110 only fit (M90-M110 spring.) Higher spring will jeopardize nozzle, please choose M120+  one.



Best recommendation use on HAO advance one-piece cylinder with minor tolerance and best air-tight! Competible with Systema OEM cylinder. Other third-party cylinder don't recommend.

HAO's Enhanced Cylinder head Assembly

PriceFrom $50.00
  • Term Of Use:
    All the products are made and design for Airsoft use. Any modification of structure, exterior, appearance or painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction on the merchandise may lead to violate your nation's law regulation. Customers shall bear the full legal liability after the modification.


    • SUS303 Cylinder head
    • SUS303 Nozzle and its spring
    • NBR pad / NBR+Polymer hybrid pad
    • Sealing Oring 
    • Nozzle Oring
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