HAO's FH556SA now on pre-order. 

**Photos are taken from prototype product. Will improve the details 


The leadtime will be within a month.



  • TYPE Milsim     : Cerakote™ H series (For the hardest surface use)- the can weight  XXXXX
  • TYPE Hardcore : Cerakote™ C series (For the high temperature use)-the can weight XXXXX

The difference between Type Milsim & Hardcore are "weight", "painting type", "Heat endurance "Material inside", please choose what you need.



DO NOT use O-ring to adjust the align the profile of flash hider. Using o-ring will cause flash hider tilt and affect the muzzle direction of suppressor . You should use the washer we provide with the flash hider.



* Flash hider FH556-216A not included.

All products sold by HAO are intended for Airsoft use only. Other uses are prohibited. Any modification including painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction stickers is prohibited, and may be a violation of law. Customers assume full legal liability for any modifications they perform, absolving HAO of any responsibility.

HAO's FH556SA Dummy Can for Airsoft - Preorder.

  • Stainless steel 304 made 
  • Full functional QD detach/attach
  • High frequency welding process
  • Cerakote™ in H/C series in Graphic Black