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2021 DEC update: We have converted all HAO PTW receivers to adopt the new PTW Infinity gear box and motor. It's now Value kit (Kumi motor) and Infinity kit both compatible. Now the kit you order will come with the RS spec grip adaptor. 



HAO represent you the HAO L119A2 Monolithic (IUR) full kit for SYSTEMA PTW. 

True monolithic upper receiver with handguard for your PTW, made with 7075-T6. Tough and slim. This time we bring you the very correct L119A2 type lower. Every detail is made for true SAS lover. 


HAO's L119A2 IUR upper kits for SYSTEMA PTW are CNC machined from an Alloy 7075-T6 billet which is as same material as real firearm. You will have 10" one piece steel gundrilled barrel end with 1/2-28RH thread , CNC machined L119A2 style gasblock, Full RS spec steel made barrel nut, Hydraulic pressed heat shield, etc.,

And the HAO's recoil charging handle (L119A2 style) is standard equipped in this kit. You may find more details on the right fo the page.


You may also purchase L119A2's accessories as following links:

Barrel nut tool:

Charging handle:

Charging handle latch:

Heat shield:

Gas block & Gas pipe:


Anodizing / surface treatment disclaimer from Geissele for reference :


HAO's L119A2 CQBR Monolithic Upper kit (IUR) for SYSTEMA PTW (Full kit)

    • CNC drilled Alloy monolithic 7075-T6 billet Upper
    • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Lower
    • CNC lathed L119A2 Steel gas block & gas tube
    • CNC lathed, Gun drilled 10", 1/2-28RH Steel barrel
    • CNC machined L119A2 Charging Handle recoil Full system
    • CNC lathed Steel barrel nut
    • Hydraulic Pressed L119A2 heat shield 
    • CNC lathed Steel Flash hider knobs
    • CNC lathed Steel Forward assist knobs
    • CNC lathed takedown pins set
    • CNC lathed magnet bolt catch
    • CNC lathed FH556-216A flash hider (With 1/2-28RH thread) 
    • CNC lathed C.C style buffer tube
    • CNC lathed C.C style L119 (Eccentric) Ambi selector

    • CNC lathed C.C style ambi mag catch

    • Steel made MBT tool for assemble barrel nut 
    • RS spec Trigger guard
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