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2023 July. Unicorn made a limited edition - Silver color nozzle set exclusive to HAO.

The Silver color nozzle will make your MWS BCG looks more realistic, closer to the real HK416 original BCG which uses the raw steel color bolt


(**sample photos with the original black color version. The page is for the limited silver color version**) You can see more detail info like weight comparison in Steel version BCG's page as follows


We are happy to announce that now we cooperate with Taiwan's Unicorn Airsoft - well known for their precision barrel and durable polymer parts.


The Unicorn Nozzle set is made with reinforced nylon which is shock-resistant and can extending the life of the nozzle and reduce the abrasion of cap .

It comes with the nozzle assembly, BCG guide upper cap, spring.


With the unicorn's nozzle sets plus HAO's BCG diffusor sticker. You will have an almost indestructible MWS BCG! 


HAO's Marui MWS BCG-eco line is made from the 6061 alloys with Hard Anodizing finishing.


It comes with a bearing and steel-made weight block 


We also added the HAO-developed BCG-enhanced sticker. Which makes the problem of jamming caused by worn-off BCG polymer caps disappear.


Once the cap wears off, it loses the support between the BCG and the receiver. It will cause the BCG to lift up during the travel through the magazine BBs feed and jam.


The sticker helps support and also smoother the travel! Make your MWS more durable!


Anodizing/surface treatment disclaimer :

Anodizing is a serious chemical process that is fairly unstable. The shade of color can vary batch by batch. We do our best to make the color as correct as possible but we can NOT generate if the shade meets your imagination. Also to be noted that every monitor has its color differences. The color of the object and the color on your computer/ mobile device may be different. 


  • Made in Taiwan
  • BB type: 6mm 0.2g BBs
  • Power source:  9KG green gas GBBR
  • Power: 90 m/s = 0.81J with 0.2g BBs
  • J / cm2:  2.835 J/cm2
  • Design and manufacture for Airsoft use. No live ammunition using function. 

HAO's Marui MWS BCG w/ Unicorn's Nozzle Silver ver.

PriceFrom $85.00
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