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This is the product from our good friend in Japan name ORGA who make great hopup with inner barrel assembly. It's NOT made by HAO please be noted.



A complete chamber system incorporating an inner barrel with a wider inner diameter than the HD barrel and FLAT HOPORGA WIDE BORE is 6.23mm wider than the inner diameter of HD, and the WIDE BORE series is recommended for PTW users who use high-rate springs and users who prefer a setting with a high firing sound.
HD is 6.10mm inside diameter / WIDE BORE is 6.23mm
The price is cheaper since Teflon coating is not applied.

Our originally developed FLAT HOP which can exhibit a satisfactory performance with a high rate of fire.
The Semi-Automatic / Full Automatic has a stable trajectory.

The components are listed below.

ORGA WIDE BORE509mm Complete Chamber for PTW

ORGA original adjuster cushion
ORGA original chamber sleeve
ORGA Original Airtight O-ring
ORGA original barrel key
ORGA origin packing base
Systema Chamber packing
NEW CNC Chamber 2018Ver

About ORGA PTW Barrel

WIDE BORE is an inner barrel with a wide inner diameter. HD has an inner diameter of 6.10mm / WIDEBORE has an inner diameter of 6.23mm. We, ORGA AIRSOFT, are the only developer that creates inner barrels with expanded inner diameters. HD is Teflon coated, WIDEBORE is uncoated.


We decided to create our own Flat HOP which can help you make a more stable shot than the other HOPs out there.
When using a HOP, we found out two problems.

1) The packing itself rotates,making the HOP hook unstable.
2) Since the roller packing is round, it creates a clearance between the BB bullets and roller packing when pushed by the cylinder nozzle. This can create inconsistency and instability when shooting.

To solve this problem, ORGA FLAT HOP is molded so that the HOP pedestal and HOP packing are integrated. Plus an exquisite packing hardness. Can be used for ipo7.4v~11.1v、14.8v users.

NEW CNC chamber 2018 Version

It is the May 2018 latest version. Highly Recommended for PTW users who are suffering from bullet clogging caused by molding distortion. Since most chambers paint the flange part, it can rub against the cylinder nozzle's inner wall, leading the bullet feed to mottle. Our chamber is alumite which will not have any of the problems listed above.

ORGA Original Adjuster Cushion

PTW's HOP is a mechanism that puts an adjuster cushion in the gap between the pedestal and the inner barrel, and uses that elasticity to apply the HOP tension. The adjuster cushion made of Systema has a hollow (annular) center, it cannot obtain sufficient elasticity (repulsive force) and the packing itself may remain crushed due to the hollow. As a result, it may lead to inaccurate HOP tension leading the BB bullets to fire inconsistent direction.

The cushions used in ORGA are made of materials that do not have hollows. They are also made of a material with high elasticity making a stable HOP tension and durability.

ORGA Original Barrel Key

We provide a structure that allows the chamber to be easily disassembled by reducing the size slightly compared to the previous Barrel Key by cutting the 2.6mm internal thread at the top.

ORGA WIDE BORE complete chamber for PTW

PriceFrom $136.00
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