We know we milsimer are pursuit RS like gear, especially blaster on our both hand. Thanks to PTW's stock steel barrel give us more closer .However SYSTEMA's barrel is wrong design from RS M4 and quite heavy to carry.Therefore we have those for you, 6061-T6 CNC machined barrels for AR series.This ain't shit from cheap aluminum or anodized with NOT RIGHT color(BLACK).It's our responsibility to tell our customers that RS's barrel is parkerizing from steel not anodizing, because aluminum can not be parkerizing.
In order to deal with the color and make it alike, we've tried several time to find the most close formula to make our aluminum barrels just look same as RS barrel.
Lightweight, RS dimension, RS color,RS marking
Still looking for THE BEST field barrel for PTW?

SYSTEMA MK18Mod1 Alloy barrels

  • CNC lathed Alloy 6061-T6 barrel end with 14mmCCW
  • Steel made barrel locating pin