416 assemble

Here is a video of Norwegian army training to assemble their HK416N. How fast can you do that with your HAO 416? https://www.facebook.com/Forsvaret/videos/1252812438109569/

CAG 416

Just received our first customer feedback with crazy thumb up which we'v finally completed his CAG style 416 with the sweetest SFCT muzzle brake in the aftermarket. Well, check it yourself

One arm army

Sharing with HAO's BD556 KWA GBBR in action. See our fearsome operator "One-Armed Swordsman" charging toward the enemies with its blaster!! (Yes, he's in one armed!)

HLR looking nice

We just updated the portrait of HLR M-Lok free float rail with its little brother in the family -9.7" RS spec, light, easy handling Rail :


It's new, it's hot' it's rare. It's HAO's SFCT! New Birdcage style SF flash hider perfectly fit SOCOM can

G33 protector

Well, I know you guys are rich, but life is just like a box of chocolate you never know what kind of BB will penetrate your G33 magnifier right?

416 is coming

Winter is coming, so do our 416V2. With a brand new standard Birdcage Flash hider. Our kit have reach the highest rank of PTW Conversion kit. (Birdcage in the photo haven't done the finish, remain the color of steel) Pre-order Link to make sure you got the kit in first batch deliver!!

MK18 barrel

MK18,MK18. How much we love you. We have four type of MK18 barrel for you here, and we're sure it is the best in the market! Correct marking! We made the Alloy light weight barrel's color extremely close to the steel parkerizing grey. How milsim could it is?

Meanwhile ....

When you're running out of machine center, then you have to postpone someone's Boeing landing gear part for the contingency by this baby.

Denmark !

Danes looking for dope AR15, here you go. HAO BD556 for PTW You can go to Purple Air Monkeys in Denmark for more HAO's product! https://www.facebook.com/purpleairmonkeys/photos/pcb.1602916466676995/1602915013343807/?type=3


Our mighty PTW 416V2 upper kit have restocked again!! Wanna do some swap swap in the battelfield? GET THE SECOND UPPER!! Systema OEM lower compatible! Easy instalation ! Grab the upper here!! :

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