Buffer tube for GBB

We have release the HK416A5 OTB Buffer Tube (Military-Issued) in the GBB version for metric thread 32P 1.5 !

M4, newer !

We are now making our HAO gen II M4 receiver. It have the later era profile of M4. Now opening for pre-order. Before we begin the stamping and anodizing. We open our customer to choose if you want to have the full blank receiver that allows you to make custom engraving by yourself. Or no anodizing option, so you can apply whatever color you want. Pre-order of no stamp (blank) receiver stop by March 8th. We should be begin our stamping work by then. Final product E.T.A by April.

The box for what?

Good days folks, We recently pick up some intel saying there're some cheaper class replica G style SMR rail for HK416 selling with title saying it's made by us, HAO . Please be noted and identify that we recently start to use the new cardboard box with our LOGO on. The best way to purchase HAO quality product is from our website here or dealer we listed in our site. Cheers, Miguel HAO

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