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C for Cylinder, HAO will launch One piece Stainless steel PTW Cylinder assembly in this summer.

In the beginning of year , We had been constantly, deliberately reported from our competitors and cause our Fanspage deleted, In the respond; HAO will launch full range of PTW internals to make clear those motherfuckers that we can do it, and better than you ! HAO is a 30 year valve company which is very, very specialised in cylinder and it's air-tight-dynamics therefore we will release One piece Stainless steel Cylinder as our internal premier.

The body will be precisely turned in one piece with SUS303 bar and EDM wired by our new purchased machine and with our injection polymer piston and Steel ladder HAO's One piece cylinder will match the ultimate performance for our PTW user.

Furthermore, HAO's cylinder will come with latest feature which will complete your PTW rifle look more realistic. We wait and see :)

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