N for Norwegian , THE HK416-N.

After months of research and design , our HAO team finally could put those Scandinavian babies online. Norway armed forces purchased 8K set of 416N & 416K in 2007, probably the first army which equipped with 416 family in the world. I have received a kind request from a friend & customer in Norway who was/is (Norway is a conscripted country)in the service whether HAO can make a 416N accessories for his "fun" to recall the memory in the army. I said " why not?". Then we started to work for several months to collect the data and measure the dimension from the RS 416N. Nope, is he not she :) Well, frankly speaking it's not hard to make the 416N handguard since we have the every details and the

Autumn vacation off

Dear friends, The Mid-Autumn vacation is coming here in east Asia, we HAO wish all the people who share this holiday a joy and peaceful time with your family and friends. HAO office will be closed from 7 Oct to 10 Oct, but we still very welcome any chat online :) As always, we will be here for any question. Sincerely yours, HAO team

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