"RS spec" MK16

As you might already know that HAO is a company which dedicate making " RS spec" parts. So do our MK16 M-Lok handguard. Some customers might find that their Airsoft AR15/M4 can not use the rail directly. It's because that some of the Airsoft receiver is more wider then the RS spec AR15/M4 receiver. BTW, PTW can use it directly as PTW use the RS spec in many way. If you happened meet it, please follow the manual below for your reference. When we say RS spec. We mean it. Oh and we also have new thread option for GHK GBBR and Marui MWS GBBR !

MK16's little body

We said we are busy making new stuff. Not just L119A2 and MK16 handguard , there're more coming. Here is the G style gas block to make your URGI build more awesome. You can find it in the new URG-I catalogue we just created: https://www.haoptwart.com/urg-i-parts

L119A2 complete

After months of hard work. HAO bring you all SAS lovers the most desired PTW - L119A2 full kit . It have almost everything you need to complete your SAS loadout . (It's now on pre-order, will be ship out within two weeks) Also the upper only kit

New member of Mk16

MK16 update! We just made the Black colour and PN code version this time . Also, the barrel nut for GHK V2 GBBR, which allows you to adjust the hop-up more easily .

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