M130 PTW Cylinder, Not just a different spring.

You think HAO will just replace the higher torque of spring for our Advanced Cylinder? Nein, the answer is no. We enhanced the major parts inside the cylinder , which you could see by the following pictures; Rack, Hybrid Bumper, detent spring and the SWP-B Spring for the best performance. Rack Since our M150, M165+ still in developing , we've enhanced the rack to the best to fight with future monster springs. But, It's quite tricky which we couldn't just use the hardest material but have to keep the same hardness and little bit weaker than the gears from your gearbox. SKD11 tool steel is the solution, we've used the same material to lathed Window breaker to equip Taiwanese law enforcemen

24H Shaft: Bismarck & his 556RC Cans.

Well, just letting you guys know first, my Bismarck Wang's FB temporarily closed by Facebook for unknown reason,but as usual my staffs and i are quite good still. Just an hours ago, I've assembled the very first of final model of HAO's 556RC can for Airsoft dummy. The product HAO've ever developed for so long, it took nearly two years, and 've changed the materials, design several times. Literally, it's a production hell for HAOindustries. Thanks for those who've paid the pre-order run's people and especially The Reptile House ,Rich. Now HAO's Type 600 can is 17oz weight , "Just like RS" . We've been trying to lose some weight to meet the RS weight ,like Doolittle Raid in the movie

Latest update for HAO suppressor

You may wonder what took us so long for the pre-ordering suppressor? Cause we now using the full CNC lathed securing collar. new cap welding...e.t.c. many improvements. Lighter weight then late batch-trail production , now the type 600 version is weight as RS one weight 495g/17oz And we add the type 556 which featuring with better heat endurable ability, Cerakote™ C series weight 585g/20oz See more info at product page: https://www.haoptwart.com/product-page/hao-s-556rc-dummy-pre-order Full CNC lathed securing ring New Cap-welding, better sealing

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