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Introducing the ultimate CNC machined HK416D kit for GBBR.

We're happy to introduce our latest conversion kit for KWA/KSC GBBR customers; HK416D kit for KWA/KSC GBBR for all version. After months of hard working , we've finally released our conversion kit to domestic market and received numerous applause from our Taiwan customers. Since the success of the BD556 program in 2016, we have received a lot of requests for more kits from our local customers. Although we have accumulated a lot of experience in the 416 program before, we still meet a lot of the re-design needs to achieve the reputation of high performance for KWA's system, resulting in the product has been delayed until this summer. Because of the original design of KWA GBBR system , we have to redesign the depth of the barrel in order to meet our 416 upper barrel slot which can be the same length as the Real Steel, and we spend a lot of time doing testing here to ensure the airtight and relative spec are in the correct location. And considering KWA has a major revision in 2015(V2), we also made a number of changes to the revision which the old version(V1) and the new version(V2) of the users to assemble our products with their current inner parts without any issue. We made some small optional parts such as tail plug extension and two length of buffer pom corresponding to V1 and V2 BCG. At the end of 2016, after the really rough (Really) 3D print test it's reliability, I let my RD engineers began to develop the program. Thanks to the accumulation of experience in the BD556 program earlier, we did not encounter too many structural difficulties, the first prototype produced in the spring of 2017, because the barrel is an new design, we spent nearly a month to test the it's the air tightness and shock resistance of EDM wire cutting chamber. Amazingly the consequence is more than i expected ; the stability of the barrel slightly increased thanks to same design like RS HK416.

Then back to the CNC processing steps; Long period of time of machining , but it's a must for every HAOindustries product. Amazingly each of complete set of A7075-T6 billet set would maximum takes 5 hours total on the machine centre, it's even not including the time of lathing the pre-gun drill carbon steel barrel , Post-processing : deburring, visual inspection, magnetic grinding, ultrasonic cleaning, oven stress release, sandblasting, anodising, Laser engraving, painting, packaging. But it's the bittersweet ending, when the HAO's perfection ships to the hands of our customers. See our dealer KIC in Taipei, Taiwan.

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