Live firing approved. Grip is coming

After thousands of BBs firing from our beta tester , we finally approved the dimension and the new feature of HAO's V7 grip for PTW system. The massive injection should initiated in these couple of day. Here's some grip teaser photos from our beta tester on their HAO's 416V2 in RAL8000 & Graphic black colours.

The Pony in the North!

HAO just received those sweet photos of MK18 Pony PTW build from Kevin ,the member of Black Thorn Milsim in Canada. With HAO's A7075-T6 Full CNC machined receiver, you aint worry about strength of SYSTEMA OEM one anymore. Here is the list: Aimpoint PRO Optic AN/PEQ-15 Surefire Millennium 952V Light Surefire Dual Pressure Switch Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II Rail VLTOR IMOD Stock Magpul RVG Front Grip

New selector!

Ready for some dope looking fire selector for your PTW AR15? Check this out. Three color all in stock! Nice and crisp !

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