In the meantime we release the MK16 handguard. We also put the new Maritime Bolt Catch for PTW in stock. Magnetic function, make your bolt release more crisp. Carbon steel made, CNC lathed.

Here we come.

People were talking about who made the most realistic MK16. Well, well. here we are. All we want to say is, 1:1 scale scan with 3D scanner is what we make the miracle happened here . HAO MK16 handguard for AR15/M4 is the ultimate replica ever in the market. Thanks for the scanner and Reverse-Engineering every details and curves are perfectly cloned and represent to you – the one true and end game: URGI build. NSN code engraving profile version. EDM wirecut made latch deeply embedded into the rail body as the RS quality, make the barrel nut more secure . Correct M-Lok following the M-Lok standard Limited QD mount 1:1 scale made from 3D scanning technology

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