Introducing the ultimate CNC machined HK416D kit for GBBR.

We're happy to introduce our latest conversion kit for KWA/KSC GBBR customers; HK416D kit for KWA/KSC GBBR for all version. After months of hard working , we've finally released our conversion kit to domestic market and received numerous applause from our Taiwan customers. Since the success of the BD556 program in 2016, we have received a lot of requests for more kits from our local customers. Although we have accumulated a lot of experience in the 416 program before, we still meet a lot of the re-design needs to achieve the reputation of high performance for KWA's system, resulting in the product has been delayed until this summer. Because of the original design of KWA GBBR system , we

SFCT in the field

SFCT muzzle brake with PJ in the field for your building reference! Click pic for SFCT shipping directly setting LZ on your house !

New Batch of V2 Alloy barrel

We just made a new batch of Alloy barrel for our HAO 416V2 kit. The alloy barrel set provide you a light but also mostly like milsim experience! With extension tube made in 4140 steel allows you to convert your 10.5" CQB weapon into more poosibility.

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