Where is your LVPO?

HAO always try to bring high quality product to the airsoft world. Today we bring you the one thing you need for your LVPO HAO G Style Super Precision-MK6 Scope mount You can find it in the new catalogue under the accessories " Optic Mount" https://www.haoptwart.com/product-page/hao-g-style-super-precision-mk6-scope-mount

Select the selectors?

Have you ever wondered why we bother create a catalogue for L119A1/A2? https://www.haoptwart.com/l119a1-l119a2-parts Here we start to provide you the reason of why we do so. The Colt Canada style L119A2/A1 selector is now in stock. Because we pay attention to the detail. We made the A2 and A1 type selector. You can see there is really a little difference mostly in the lever of the selector. A2 is eccentric and A1 is centered. You 'll see more things coming in that catalog in the future, stay tuned with us, mate. Cheers.

Dejavu? 216A

Is that Dejavu? Seen this post again? NO! YOU ARE WRONG ! Anyway. We release the FH216A for your L119A2. You can found them in Muzzle brake section or our new L119A1/A2 section! Also, we'll take lunar year vacation from FEB2nd to FEB10th. So your order will be sent when we return to work.

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