Monolithic !

A new Era has come for HAO We represent you the Monolithic IUR upper - L119A2 for PTW Product page: True Monolithic upper Every detail of L119A2 have being bring to you. From HAO L119A2 in the field

Friendly tool for your PTW and blaster

Today we release the HAO made wrench which will definitely your must-have tool PTWer! Multiple function, see the pics for yourself Ordering Link:

416F also the Flash hider

Besides of the awesome-complete-badass 416F conversion kit PTW. We also provide the 416F type of 3 prong flash hider for French milsim player. Bon appétit !

Vive la France!

Vive la France! Hao now represent you the 416F PTW conversion kit. No more words needed! 416F Flash hider 416F type Handguard specs 416F upper is different then A5's Flat ended rail. 416F type Gas block What are you waiting for?

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