24H Shaft: Bismarck & his 556RC Cans.

Well, just letting you guys know first, my Bismarck Wang's FB temporarily closed by Facebook for unknown reason,but as usual my staffs and i are quite good still. Just an hours ago, I've assembled the very first of final model of HAO's 556RC can for Airsoft dummy. The product HAO've ever developed for so long, it took nearly two years, and 've changed the materials, design several times. Literally, it's a production hell for HAOindustries.

Thanks for those who've paid the pre-order run's people and especially The Reptile House ,Rich. Now HAO's Type 600 can is 17oz weight , "Just like RS" . We've been trying to lose some weight to meet the RS weight ,like Doolittle Raid in the movie Pearl Harbor , thinner everything , and even replace the the original casting collar by making the full machined instead.... (That's bloody crazy and frustrating)

(Bloody hell.. Now literally everything is full machined.)

(To meet the goal weight and remain strength for the secure device , we have to machine them from a S45C bar.)

(Unlike our competitors , we use the same material to imitate the "RS". The material need to be strong enough to hold the shock and heat of "556".)

Then, unfortunately, after we changed the tube, and inner which lead us to the other problem. The change of the thermal expansion ; welding part will leaks out... and we spent another week for adjust the collar of the high fq welder.

(The "Main SUS304" part are in ultrasonic wash) And after a month 24H shaft for remodeling the "can", your dinner is finally ready. Just took them in my lab 5 minutes ago , and it's 10:00 PM now. (GMT+8) , it's time to go home and let my staff to do the shipping work tomorrow. Hope you get your cans soon, caps. Bon appetit!


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