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N for Norwegian , THE HK416-N.

After months of research and design , our HAO team finally could put those Scandinavian babies online. Norway armed forces purchased 8K set of 416N & 416K in 2007, probably the first army which equipped with 416 family in the world.

I have received a kind request from a friend & customer in Norway who was/is (Norway is a conscripted country)in the service whether HAO can make a 416N accessories for his "fun" to recall the memory in the army. I said " why not?". Then we started to work for several months

to collect the data and measure the dimension from the RS 416N.

Nope, is he not she :)

Well, frankly speaking it's not hard to make the 416N handguard since we have the every details and the extrusion we made three years ago. But it's hard to make the only , rare gasblock only for Norwegian's not the slim one for MR556 or else, its unique design is only for its customer ; Norwegian army.

I don't like the ways my competitors do: paint it, engrave it, pretend it.. that's pure bullshit to ruin the high end market. so after discussed with my chief we decided to present HAO's first Full CNC machined gasblock via 5 axis milling centre as our dinner.

Let's not talk about the crown or coat of arm of royal symbol on the N, that's too easy , so we decided to make the 416N 's iconic handguard as well: Yep, that's the first and finest replica in the world. The adjustable SUS304 made regulator just make whole damm project so "Magnificent" .

Making of HK416N Quadrail

*Some haters claim that HAO's Quadrail are casting shit....well..i will say that's must be the finest shit you have ever taste"

Bon appetite Norwegians. Now who's next :)?

ah i forgot to tell you , You will receive a 16.4" one piece gundrilled barrel in the kit.

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