HAO 416V2 with SMR review on Airsoft International magazine latest issue. Still love the actual paper book! The Best 416 for the Best PTW

Lunar new year

HAO will take a short break for the Lunar new year from 25th of January to 1st of Feb. GET YOUR HAO stuff fast!! https://www.haoptwart.c om/


HLR- HAO developed best light weight Rail system of all time. Also for RS AR rifle M-Lok system allows you to operate more handy. 13.7" weight only 277g. Isn't that just light? The best AR rail you are going to feel with your hand

A typo spotted!

The message to "J*ha " We are looking for you. You have wrote us a message via our site, but it seems like you have a typo of your email address as we can't reply your question. If you see this message, please contact us here or write us a email again. If any one of you have send us a message via the site and we never reply. It must be the typo of the address, please kindly contact us again. We'll always waiting for you and answer all your question. Yours sincerely, HAO service team

Upper kit for PTW

Your fastest way to build up a complete HAO's HK416 upper set for PTW system. Order Your complete upper here

Light Buffer for KWA

Just upload the Buffer for the KWA/KSC GBBR. It's one of the part from our BD556 kit. Light, fast, and metal crashing sound of every shoot!

C-3PO barrels

C-3PO: I beg your pardon, but what do you mean, "naked?" Here's your C-3PO gold barrel for PTW/KWA

Working working

Working hard with the DMG MORI turning/milling machine in the first day of 2K17 (It's the gear of AMBI selector for PTW)

Happy New Years!

HAO wish you a very happy new year of 2k17

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