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HAO'S 416V2 SMR Edition -Review

When I first got this pack, I was impressed with its EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) case. The case is designed for the kit which you could tell by the tightness of each slot and will find its “futuristic” style. The parts are 100% securely fasten in each slot. The case is much improved from HAO's first generation package.

With our observation, the upper and lower are not so different from 416+. They both are precisely cut from alloy billet. According to the description, 416+ is milled from 6061T6 billet instead of 7075T6, and the most obvious feature is that the 416V2's upper barrel thread is longer than 416+, and will 100% catch on genuine HK416 barrel nut. That's good news for any Milsim players. Furthermore, 416V2 upper also have the latest feature on RS 417/416A5 which HAO call the stabilizer. Basically they are just two precisely drilled (2mm depth) hole with two plastic tube to adjust your wobble between your upper and lower but I think it's useless feature due to the fact that HAO's receivers are overly tighten after install this stabilizer on it. But who knows? Maybe it will work great on genuine SYSTEMA M4 lower?

No shit the kit is milled from 7075-T6. The material is much stronger and sound much higher pitched when you hit it with a spoon. And its graphic black anodizing finish looks just like RS HK416. Too sad that HAO hasn't release their Cerakote service then.

Now talking about the barrel and the barrel nut. Frankly speaking, those things are so professionally made that I couldn't tell the different between the RS barrel nut and HAO V2's with my bare eyes when I put them in my hand. THEY ARE INCREDIBLY IDENTICAL. And the diameter of both RS & HAO's are the same while they both are 34.94+-0.01mm. And the most surprising thing is the HAO's V2 steel barrel. The barrels are steel made, gun-drilled and CNC lathed with dream phosphate color. Man, that's porn to me! Not to mention that HAO even laser engraved them with date of manufactured and caliber markings etc. The 416V2 kit comes with a 10.4" steel barrel end with 1/2-28RH thread with no additional charges and they provide optional 14.4" steel barrel for only $100USD and will soon be available to choose a 16" M27 steel barrel for $115USD in the near future. BTW, HAO even provide light weight alloy field 10.4" barrel end with 14mmCCW thread with 4" & 6" extension barrel for only $65USD for its V2 kit.

Although the Gasblock system is not functional on Professional Training Weapon system, to every milsim player, Every detail counts. When I closely inspect the HAO's Gasblock set, I have to say, HAO perfectly replicates every detail on RS HK416's marking and its structure, which no company ever has done this except for original HK company so far. Besides it's made from the same material as RS casting Stainless steel 304. Not the shit stuff from any airsoft replicas. NOTE: You have to chop off the sling mount before installing the G style handguard (just like RS).

HAO's G style SMR handguards have already earn their reputation in the airsoft market for its detail in perfect CNC routing and segments. But you know what? They missed one thing in the previous version. The angle limited (anti-rotation) function was reported missing on the rotation limited QD sling mount. Guess what? HAO just upgraded all her kits this time with rotation limited QD sling mount...HAO BRILLANT!!!

And the last thing, the HAO's 416V2 kits are standard equipped with Stainless steel SUS304 buffer stopper & HK style AMBI selectors. This innovated design could fit all version of SYSTEMA buffer tube and its superior design will make the piston more secure and help increase the stability of FPS and say goodbye to your easily stained stopper and AR style selectors.

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