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Our friend: Gunsmith NBABA in Japan

In the black ops to Japan last week. We visit our dealer in Japan.

First stop is Gunsmith NBABA in Osaka. West Japan.

トレーニングウェポン専門店 GunsmithNBABA ( ガンスミス んばば )



大阪市東住吉区桑津1-32-21 1F

Our first impression is " what a compact store! " Small but everything is in the right position.

Tons of HAO and Systema parts. Definitely your best choice to build a PTW in west part of JAPAN

You'll see the HAO HDR and BD556 display on the shelf when you came in the shop.

The boss Fujiwara san is a really profession and friendly gunsmith.

They have the lathe and milling machine to do the modification in house.

HAO cylinder on maintaining

The store view

HAO 416A5 and 416D on display

Clean and professional working area

HAO 416V2 with SMR handguard

He happened on building a HAO BD556 when we arrived

Wendy parts

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